Cynosure Research Appears On The Today Show



As a global leader in light-based treatments, Cynosure is constantly conducting extensive research in the field of laser technologies.

Our most recent study focused on people with tattoos here in Australia, paying particular attention to those who wish to remove or alter at least one of their tattoos.

Recently, the Today Show shared some of our findings during a segment on the topic of tattooed Australians. In a conversation with Sydney-based tattoo artist Kian Foreal, The Today Show team cited our research to highlight the growth in popularity of tattoos among the Australian population and presented opportunities to remove them with PicoSure’s technology.

To watch the entire segment, click here.

For those interested in discovering a quick, non-invasive way to remove their tattoos with minimal discomfort, read our latest blog post to learn about the cutting-edge PicoSure tattoo removal technology here.

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