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Discover the Non Invasive Double Chin Reduction Technology Australian Doctors Are Recommending To Their Patients

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It’s a concern that causes a great deal of insecurity among thousands of Australians, yet so many individuals who find themselves with excess fat around their chin and neck simply continue to feel unhappy with their appearance. Cynosure’s SculpSure technology is revolutionising the way Australian doctors are tackling this common beauty concern.

Our innovative SculpSure technology offers scientifically proven and reliable results to safely and effectively reduce excess fat in the submental area for patients, making it no surprise so many Australian clinics are adopting and recommending this treatment to patients looking to reduce areas of under the chin fat.

Whilst excess fat in the submental area has traditionally been difficult to treat effectively without invasive surgery or painful needles with extended recovery times, our new revolutionary submental device provides a non-invasive solution with minimal downtime for a smoother more defined jawline.

Our state of the art SculpSure body contouring and fat reduction treatment is FDA-cleared and TGA-listed to treat the double chin or submental area for patients with a BMI up to 43. In recent trials, patients reported a 100% satisfaction rate after just two 25-minute treatments at 6-week intervals.

Our SculpSure Submental treatment utilises the latest scientific research and innovations in light-based technologies, making it the smarter choice for clinics looking to provide cutting edge treatments for patients who wish to increase their self-esteem and feel more confident with their appearance.

Dr Stephen Mullholland is an internationally recognised leading Canadian plastic surgeon and just one of the doctors already offering SculpSure Submental in his practice.

“Double chins are very common in both women and men so with any anti-ageing practice, you are going to face patients who are concerned about their excess fat and sagging around the chin. SculpSure’s standalone submental device has offered a double chin protocol that’s predictable and achieves desired results in as little as one to two treatments.” – Dr Stephen Mullholland

To find out how your clinic can benefit from SculpSure Submental, contact Cynosure today!

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