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Incontinence and urinary leaks is a topic that many shy away from being a source of embarrassment or seen as an issue that should be dealt with in private. However, incontinence is a prevalent issue for a number of Australian women, for a number of reasons.

Incontinence refers to any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder, ranging in severity from ‘a leak’ to complete loss of control. Caused by a range of factors, incontinence is situational and will differ depending on the cause. Whether it is stress incontinence, urge incontinence, chronic retention incontinence or functional incontinence, it’s an issue which can affect an individual’s quality of life.

An exceedingly high-risk individual is women who are pregnant, who have given birth or are going through stages of menopause, due to possible damages or changes in hormones that effect the composition of the bladder, urethral sphincter and pelvic floor muscles.

Common treatments for urinary leaks are methods of prevention, with women often opting for alternative measures such as laser and hormone treatments. However Dr. Varun Sharma of Skin Rejuvenate Cosmetic Clinic expresses that these are not always the safest and most effective options, “Hormone treatments have risks associated with them and it’s a very controversial topic. As for laser, it’s painful, it’s stressful having to choose a procedure that involves vaginal rejuvenation and if it’s painful they’ll be less inclined to come back.”

However, TempSure Vitalia is FDA-cleared and TGA listed and differs from other treatments available due to its application device. Using a probe specifically designed for women’s genitalia, TempSure Vitalia delivers therapeutic heat into the deep layer of vaginal tissue, improving circulation in order to tighten and rejuvenate the vagina and vulvar regions. The increase in collagen and elastin production helps restore and tighten loose vaginal tissue, enhance nerve sensitivity, reduce urinary leaks and improve the holistic health of the vagina.

The treatment is comfortable, causes no distress, minimal embarrassment and no downtime. According to Dr Sharma, this is due to the temperature monitoring process; “With a radiofrequency treatment, you know it’s not going to be painful… continual temperature monitoring ensures that the technician isn’t going to a level that will cause burns or any significant downtime, so even as the operator you feel that the patient is safe because you have all the safety measures in place.”

Further to this, Dr Keturah Hoffman of Restorative Clinic explains temperature control is incredibly important in ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment, “The collagen layers of the skin need to be exposed to a continuous period of elevated temperature to shrink and tighten the fibres, the gradual rise and maintenance of temperature is important for it to be painless and also effective.

Regain your confidence and get back to doing the things you love with TempSure Vitalia – locate your nearest clinic on our website today to discover the next generation of women’s intimate wellness.

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