Everything You Need To Know About Cellulite

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Often described as orange-peel skin, cellulite is one of the most common skin concerns that troubles many Australian women – nearly 85% of women claim to suffer from cellulite somewhere on their body. Despite this prevalence very few women know what cellulite is, how it is caused and what can be done to reduce the appearance of it. Below we explore everything you need to know about cellulite and how our ZWave Pro treatments can help you to improve the appearance of your skin.

What Causes Cellulite?

Put simply, cellulite is when the skin has a dimpled, lumpy or uneven appearance caused by a build up of fat deposits underneath the skin surface as it pushes through the connective tissue. While cellulite can appear in both men and women, it is more common in females due the different distribution of fat, muscle and connective tissue in women’s bodies, particularly around the thighs, stomach, upper arm and rear areas. However, no matter your body type, weight or age – everyone can have cellulite.

The amount of cellulite you have and how noticeable it is can be based a number of factors such your genes, hormones, body fat percentage, poor circulation, water retention and age. The thickness of your skin can also affect the appearance of cellulite, as well as ageing, as your skin tends to become thinner and will lose elasticity and density. Further to this, cellulite can also be further accentuated by various lifestyle choices such a poor diet, lack of activity or exercise, weight gain, smoking or pregnancy.

Can It Be Prevented?

While the prevalence and appearance of cellulite largely comes down to a variety of uncontrollable factors, there are a number of different ways that you can reduce the appearance of cellulite and help improve your self-esteem and body-confidence.

One of the best ways to help minimise the appearance of cellulite, and improve your health and wellbeing is to consider a few easy diet swaps, such as avoiding foods that are high in sugar and salt, which can cause fat cells to swell and become more visible. Ensuring that you are eating a diet rich in whole grains, lean protein, fruit, leafy vegetables and keeping properly hydrated is also incredibly beneficial.

Dry skin brushing in circular motions before or after showering will also help to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation and encourage the elimination of toxins from the body, consequently minimising the appearance of cellulite.

Treat Cellulite The Proven Way

Thanks to ZWave Pro, it is possible to treat the appearance of cellulite and significantly improve skin firmness, skin elasticity and boost collagen regeneration. FDA cleared, ZWave Pro harnesses radial shockwave therapy for treatments that are comfortable, non-invasive and require no downtime. Radial shock waves are high-energy sound waves generated electromagnetically outside of the body that work to increase blood blow, boost cell rejuvenation and collagen production and strengthen the connective tissue to help you achieve the toned and smoothed physique you have always wanted.

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