Everything you need to know about HIFU

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Everything you need to know about HIFU

We all know that the skin and body change with age. A loss of collagen results in loose skin and deep-set wrinkles, while hormonal and metabolic changes make it trickier to shift those unwanted pockets of fat.

Although plastic surgery is becoming more commonplace, not everyone is willing to go under the knife. Luckily, cosmetic injectables, laser energy and radiofrequency are all popular non-invasive methods of revitalising the skin and contouring the body. However, if you are considering a non-surgical treatment, there is one more treatment modality we recommend: HIFU.

Want to learn more about how ultrasound produces effective results for the face and body? Here is everything you need to know about HIFU.

What is HIFU?

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatments are currently rapidly increasing in popularity; however, ultrasound was first introduced for cosmetic purposes back in 2008.

So, how does HIFU work?

During a HIFU treatment, focused ultrasound energy is delivered into the layers of skin just below the surface. This results in the rapid heating of the targeted tissue, and once the cells reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular damage. As a result, this damage triggers the cells to produce more collagen, in turn rejuvenating the appearance of the skin.

Unlike other aesthetic treatments, HIFU does not cause any damage to the skin’s upper layers, as the ultrasound beams are focused on a very specific tissue site below the skin’s surface. Even better, HIFU treatments are quick, painless and require absolutely no downtime. Why splash out on plastic surgery when you can achieve comparable results without the high costs and weeks of recovery?

HIFU Facial

HIFU treatments are most commonly performed on the face and offer a highly effective alternative to a surgical facelift. In fact, ultrasound skin tightening even focuses on the same deeper tissue layers addressed during a traditional facelift, which sets the treatment apart from alternative methods, such as laser and radiofrequency. In particular, a HIFU facial is designed to tighten loose skin, reduce double chin fat, and minimise the appearance of deep-set wrinkles.

If you’re looking for a HIFU facial, ULTRAcel Q+ by Cynosure is the superior treatment choice. With faster treatment times, broader treatment area capabilities and reduced redness following treatment, ULTRAcel Q+ can help you look years younger in as little as two to four treatments.

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HIFU Body Contouring

HIFU treatments aren’t just for the face. In addition to tightening the skin, ultrasound energy can also be utilised to sculpt and contour the body. As an alternative to fat freezing, HIFU works to heat and destroy subcutaneous fat. The targeted fat cells are then gradually flushed away via the body’s natural removal processes. In addition to burning fat, HIFU body contouring also stimulates collagen contraction to ensure smooth, firm results.

Cynosure’s latest addition, LIPOcel, is your go-to fat reduction and body contouring treatment. Designed to permanently destroy up to 40% of unwanted fat, this 2-in-1 treatment also works to tighten the skin at the same time. Comfortably remove stubborn fat from those diet and exercise-resistant areas, such as the stomach, love handles and thighs, in just a single treatment.

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