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Influencer Spotlight: Emilee Hembrow Unveils the Power of #PicosurePro Laser Treatment


When it comes to skincare, finding the right treatment for specific concerns can be a daunting task. Thankfully, influencer Emilee Hembrow has done the research for her followers and recently shared her experience with an incredible laser treatment on her Instagram post.

Emilee was after a treatment to effectively target her pigmentation and improve the overall texture of her skin. She acknowledges the confusion surrounding laser treatments due to the vast options available in the market. However, she confidently narrows down her choice to the Picosure Pro Laser treatment by Cynosure Australia at Cutis Dermatology in QLD.

She highlights the key benefits, including its efficiency and minimal downtime. Emilee reveals that the Picosure Pro Laser only took 15 minutes, allowing her to resume her regular activities the following day. This quick and convenient aspect of the treatment undoubtedly appeals to those with busy lifestyles.

She was not only impressed with the efficiency of the Picosure Pro Laser but also with the noticeable results. She mentions that her skin appears more radiant, with a significant reduction in pigmentation. Her transparency and genuine excitement about the treatment allow you to see the perfection of the Picosure Pro device.

If you’re seeking a solution for your patients with pigmentation issues and skin texture, the Picosure Pro Laser treatment is worth exploring to help elevate your clinics portfolio offering!

Embrace the opportunity to discover the power of the Picosure Pro Laser treatment and help your patients say hello to radiant, pigmentation-free skin.

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