LIPOcel: Advanced Fat Reduction HIFU System

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With impressive results of 20 to 40%* reduction, LIPOcel is an innovative, non-surgical focal fat reduction and precision body contouring treatment that powerfully destroys fat cells without harming surrounding tissue. Simultaneously, LIPOcel tightens the skin at the same time*!

Using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, stubborn fat pockets are precisely targeted in problem areas of the body, such as the flanks, stomach, arms, knees and back of thighs, and more! Deliver comfortable and fast treatments, giving your patients amazing results with minimal downtime.

Focal Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening with a Skin Protection System

To destroy fat cells and tighten skin, LIPOcel delivers HIFU energy at precisely 1.3cm deep under the skin. The temperature-controlled handpieces can burn fat at 70 degrees Celsius in the target zone, without compromising the epidermis, due to effective contact cooling. After treatment, the body will naturally process and remove the destroyed adipose tissue, eliminating the unwanted fat from the focused areas.

Fast Treatments from 5 to 45 Minutes*

Thanks to LIPOcel’s advanced, high-powered technology, your clinic can perform fast and effective treatments that demand little to no downtime.

No numbing is required; therefore, treatment zones can be completed within a shorter time frame!

Three Various Depth Cartridges

Treat various areas of the body with various depth cartridges at 13mm, 11mm and 8mm.

Minimal Running Cost

6 Months Unlimited Cartridge Utilisation.


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