How To Look 5 Years Younger Without Injections

Cynosure Skin Revitalization


While cosmetic injectables are becoming increasingly popular for those who desire more dramatic and faster results than topical skincare products can provide, laser treatments offer several additional advantages and can take years off your face in a safe, easy manner with minimal discomfort.

PicoSure’s light-based treatments are perfect for those who wish to maximize their skin’s appearance, without altering their unique appearance.

PicoSure, the world’s first FDA-cleared picosecond aesthetic laser reaches deeply into the skin’s sub-layers, healing damaged tissue and rebuilding it with fresh, new collagen and elastin. PicoSure’s laser works with the skin’s natural, internal processes and speeds up the skin’s production of collagen, increasing the skin’s internal rejuvenation processes.

With PicoSure, you do not need to worry about the potential ill effects of synthetic fillers. Communicating with the skin on a sub-dermal level, the PicoSure laser targets all three layers of commonly damaged tissue, allowing you to take control of your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

PicoSure has the ability to encourage the skin to naturally rejuvenate by accelerating the skin’s production of collagen. Other common skincare treatments, like cosmetic fillers do not work with the skin’s internal repair processes and therefore are not as effective. PicoSure encourages the skin to actively rejuvenate, turning back the clock for skin that looks both youthful and natural.

Each treatment sessions is quick and easy, lasting just 15-20 minutes, making them easy to fit into your day. Results become noticeable within days of the treatment and most patients just need one or two treatments to reap the full benefits of PicoSure’s amazing skin-rejuvenating capabilities.

To experience the anti-aging benefits of PicoSure, contact your local clinic to make an appointment today!

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