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Meet Dr Mulholland: A True Mover And Shaper of the Aesthetic Industry



There is no question that the aesthetic industry is swiftly evolving. As an internationally recognised leading Canadian plastic surgeon, Dr Stephen Mulholland is at the forefront of this dynamic industry and helps his patients reach their aesthetic goals using several different Cynosure technologies, including SculpSure and PicoSure. For over 20 years, he has run one of the most successful practices in Canada. He is known for his aesthetic artistry, excellent outcomes and innovative minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures.

Dr Mulholland shared his knowledge and expertise during his recent visit to Australia for Cynosure’s Summit Series, providing an insight into why he is an advocate of Cynosure’s light-based laser technology and successfully mastering the business and art of aesthetics.

Since the introduction of laser into your business, what is the greatest change you’ve noticed or been able to offer patients?

The greatest change l have seen in the last twenty years is the ability to treat things faster and more effectively than the multiple treatments it used to take. We can get rid of tattoos faster, we can improve skin tone faster and we are more effective in wrinkle reduction and tightening. We once had nothing for destruction of fat and now we do. I have seen the expansion and growth of affordable and more efficient, effective treatments.

Why should plastic surgeons and dermatologists include laser in their practice offering?

If a forward thinking plastic surgeon truly wants to increase their business and expend their customer base and achieve success in their business, you want to offer the patients who are never going to opt for surgery, non- invasive solutions for their concerns. This exposes more patients to greater clinical options and surgical patients can rely on non-invasive technology for maintenance and future services.

Dermatologists have a stream of patients coming through that want to satisfy some aspect of their skin, so it is a natural progression to add lasers to their practice. Many patients are getting Botox and laser treatments elsewhere so why not provide them with the education and resources to achieve this at your practice.

Why do you think clinics are still wary of lasers?

Clinics are of course still weary of a technology that costs $100,000-$150,000 and doctors are worried about wasting money or spending it on something that consumers aren’t looking for. I think there has to be a proven ROI formula, a market demand for the laser technology and an informative way to implement it in your practice. But it is crucial to remember laser is the future of the cosmetics industry and investment now can have significant benefits to the future of your practice.

What advice would you offer to a clinic looking to take on laser?

Firstly, you want to pick the right company. Choose a company you want to partner with and that is going to be around to give you training and service support. You want to pick a technology that offers an economic upside, in a reasonable price point that has a distinct market; it can’t be over-competed or saturated.

Above all else, you need to have a business plan, don’t buy a technology and hopes it markets itself. Have a business plan on how to drive leads and lead generation, how to close them and how to create a sustainable revenue stream out of that technology. You have to plan for this as a business decision with a clinical outcome that relies on you to implement it.

How can businesses combat knock off lasers?

The Canadian and the Australian markets are very similar in that there are high numbers of inexpensive Asian knock-off technologies of their US and European manufactured counterparts. Most of these do not have the same stringent FDA & TGA requirements and are often not as safe or effective. They may be cheaper but the cost of a less effective or a less safe technology can be devastating if you buy something that is half the price that doesn’t deliver results. Do your research and be wary of a technology that sounds too good to be true because it probably is.

What are some good entry level options for clinics?

When you’re first entering the cosmetic space as a clinic you must have something that rejuvenates the skin. It should be a device that has intense pulse light and offers skin colour correction, some form of hair removal option as well as skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Those three are the top three laser treatments requested by patients.

A specialised tattoo removal or fat destruction technology would be secondary additions. Ultimately, you want to have a good skincare line, be competent with injectables and have a device that delivers superior skin rejuvenation, hair removal, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

To learn more about how Cynosure’s light based technologies can benefit your clinic, contact us today!

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