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How PicoSure is Leading the Way in Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Cynosure Laser Tattoo Removal


The once negative stigma surrounding tattoos has dissipated in recent years leading to an influx in tattoo popularity, with a consumer-focused study by Cynosure and McCrindle suggesting 1 in 5 Australians now have one or more tattoos. However, alongside this rapid increase in tattoo application there has been a parallel increase in consumer demand for safer and more effective tattoo removal methods. This study also revealed that a quarter of all Australians regret one or more of their tattoos with 1 in 7 Australians considering options for tattoo removal.

With the rise of tattoo popularity and research suggesting regret is common, it is evident why tattoo removal is on the rise as clinics seek to provide consumers with the safest and most effective treatment options for permanent tattoo removal. At the forefront of this tattoo removal revolution is PicoSure, the world’s first, fastest and most effective picosecond aesthetic laser.

PicoSure provides your clinic and patients with the most trusted and versatile technology for the treatment of a wide range of tattoos. Unlike other picosecond laser technologies on the market such as Picoway and Picoplus, PicoSure combines patented PressureWave™ Technology with the use of three nominal wavelengths (532, 755 and 1064nm) alongside stringent certifications from the FDA and TGA to give you the confidence and ability to treat even the most complex tattoo indications.

Many picosecond lasers make bold claims about the efficacy of their high energy and peak powers, as well as the versatility of their technology, however, they provide little to no scientific evidence to support these claims. As of 2018, PicoSure has received 25 peer-reviewed publications, piloted numerous clinical trials to solidify effectiveness and conducted over 80 publications and podium presentations. This far outweighs the published studies and clinical articles for any other picosecond technology on the market, reinforcing PicoSure as the safest and most respected tattoo removal technology and asserting its position as the leader in the aesthetic laser industry.

A peer review conducted by Torbeck et al1 analysed over 13 published research studies to examine the recommended future use of the PicoSure technology for laser tattoo removal. The study concluded that PicoSure provides one of the safest and most effective treatment modes for tattoo removal, including effective results across all ink colours, including difficult to treat shades of red and yellow. The study also presented trial results that highlight PicoSure’s effectiveness with 10 patients with blue or green tattoos showing 75% clearance in only one or two treatments, 1-month post treatment (Brauer et. al.)

The true PicoSure difference is our patented PressureWave™ Technology. This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology works to the entire spectrum of ink colours on all skin types by delivering targeted ultra-short picosecond pulse bursts of energy to the skin. PressureWave™ virtually shatters the ink into tiny, dust-like particles, which can then be easily eliminated naturally by the body. This allows for better clearance with fewer treatments and no injury to the surrounding skin.

PicoSure is also the only picosecond laser with a nominal 755nm wavelength, which has been proven as the safest and most effective wavelength for skin revitalisation. Other lasers such as Picoway and Enlighten require three different wavelengths and utilise Nd:YAG technology at 1064/532nm wavelengths, which is not optimal for the skin and can often result in pinpoint bleeding lasting up to 48 hours post treatment. Ultimately, this results in more discomfort for patients in the form of scabbing and increases patient downtime post treatment. PicoSure also offers 3 times the melanin to blood absorption during the removal process, meaning faster results and less downtime for patients.

As the first and the only picosecond aesthetic laser with certification from both the FDA and TGA, PicoSure is the market leader for safety and effectiveness globally.

Comparatively, Picoway and Enlighten technology have attained only FDA clearance and Picoplus maintains a certification from a third party Korean Testing Laboratory.

While it is crucial to keep in mind that every tattoo is different and the number of treatments required to successfully remove a tattoo will vary between each individual, the proof is in the results. With PicoSure you have the ability to offer your patients the safest and most effective medical-grade treatment for tattoo removal.

For more information on PicoSure and how it can transform your practice, get in touch with our sales team.


1 Saedi, Nazanin & Bankowski, Richard & Henize, Sarah & Torbeck, Richard. (2016). Lasers in tattoo and pigmentation control: Role of the PicoSure®laser system. Medical Devices: Evidence and Research.

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