Redefine Your Brows: How To Safely & Effectively Remove Cosmetic Tattoos

Laser Tattoo Removal

With bold and defined brows becoming a major beauty trend in recent years, so too has the evolution of microblading, feather touch and tattooed eyebrows. However, like all tattoos, sometimes you may not be happy with the result or they have begun to fade overtime. If you are looking to have these cosmetic tattoos removed, PicoSure tattoo removal treatments may be the solution you have been looking for.

Overtime, cosmetic tattoos can begin to fade or lose their stroke effect for a number of reasons such as low quality pigment used in the ink, poor application technique, inadequate aftercare or excessive oil production in your brow area. Whilst your artist will usually recommend regular touch ups, sometimes having this done every 4-6 months is not a realistic option. Luckily, if fading cosmetic tattoos are impacting your self-confidence they don’t need to be forever and can be removed.

To typically achieve the right colour and tone to mimic your eyebrows, tattooists will often mix the different ink pigments to create a customised and natural looking shade. This mixing of pigments can make it difficult to determine which colours have been used and need to be treated for successful clearance. When the ink is treated with the wrong laser, there is a risk that a different colour will remain. This is due to different pigments used in tattoos sitting at different points beneath the skin’s surface, requiring multiple wavelengths for it to be cleared. PicoSure however, has the capability to treat these types of tattoos.

With our patented PressureWave Technology, PicoSure can treat a range of ink colours on all skin types and regions, including the eyebrow area. PicoSure works to deliver ultra-short pulse bursts of energy onto the skin that works to shatter the tattoo into tiny dust like particles that can be safely and easily eliminated by the body.

However, as every tattoo is different, the tattoo removal process will vary from person to person. The number of treatments required to successfully remove your eyebrow tattoos will be largely based upon the age, pigments and type of ink used. Patients may also experience a change in the colour of their eyebrow tattoo ink before it is completely and successfully removed. However, on average, patients will tend to start to see results after their second or third treatment.

To begin your journey to reclaiming your natural eyebrows, find your nearest PicoSure clinic on our website and book a consultation.


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