LIPOcel: Contour your body and reduce stubborn fat pockets!

Body Contouring Cynosure


Impressive Results; 20 to 40% Reduction*

Even with a balanced, nutritious diet and a perfect exercise routine, it can be hard to target unwanted fat and sculpt your body to reach your aesthetic goals. Adding LIPOcel to your healthy lifestyle and fitness routine will help you reduce stubborn fat and contour your body, in a non-invasive and comfortable procedure.

LIPOcel: Non-Invasive Focal Fat Reduction and Precision Body Contouring HIFU System

LIPOcel is a state-of-the-art non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for focal fat reduction and precision body contouring. LIPOcel’s high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) destroys fat cells and tightens skin without damaging peripheral tissue, resulting in circumferential reduction.

To destroy stubborn fat cells and tighten skin, LIPOcel delivers HIFU energy at precisely 1.3cm deep under the skin. The temperature-controlled handpieces can burn fat at 70 degrees Celsius in the target zone, without compromising the epidermis, thanks to its skin protection system.

After treatment, the body will naturally process and remove the destroyed adipose tissue, eliminating the unwanted fat from the focused areas.

Treatable Areas

• Stomach
• Arms
• Flanks
• Knees
• Back and front of thighs
• And more!


Minimal pain: As a skin protection system, LIPOcel uses a specially designed chill cartridge to protect the skin even under intense ultrasound energy, which enables a comfortable procedure without harming the skin
No Downtime: Resume your daily routine after your treatment
Fast treatment times: Treatments take as little as 5 to 45 Minutes* depending on your treatment area
Unbeatable results: LIPOcel treatments deliver noticeable results, with a 20 to 40% reduction in fat within two to 12 weeks*.

Ready to get the body of your dreams and feel better in your skin? Tired of those stubborn fat pockets?

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