TempSure Vitalia Or Kegels – Which Is More Effective?

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Birth control, pregnancy, hormones, menopause, and ageing can change the condition of the vaginal tissue over time, leading to a number of concerns and symptoms that can impact a woman’s confidence and quality of life. You may have heard the term kegel exercises in the past being a great way to improve pelvic floor muscles, however new technologies are being introduced that boast impressive results for intimate wellness – but overall, which is the more effective method?


For a number of years women have been told that kegel exercises should be a part of their daily routine. Kegels are a simple clench-and-release exercise that works to strengthen the muscles that make up an individual’s pelvic floor and help prevent a weak pelvic floor, which can often lead to an inability to control the bowels or bladder.

Women are encouraged to squeeze the muscles and hold for a count of three and repeat ten times, slowly increasing the period held over time until reaching a count of ten, ten times. Whilst kegel exercises can be done anywhere and at any time, it can be difficult for an average woman to be able to ‘feel’ all the muscles that make up the sling of the pelvic floor, and therefore the process of squeezing and holding these muscles can be quite frustrating and with no way to gauge if they are effective or working.

Furthermore, for long lasting results a daily routine must be maintained and even then improvement can only be determined by individual opinion.

TempSure Vitalia

The TempSure Vitalia treatment uses a probe specifically designed for women’s genitalia to deliver gentle therapeutic heat to improve circulation and tighten and rejuvenate the vagina and vulva regions.

The promotion of collagen and elastin helps to improve tightness in the vaginal tissue, nerve sensitivity, reduce incontinence, and increase pleasure during intercourse. Due to its innovative technology and temperature-controlled delivery of radiofrequency, it is a safe method of overall vaginal rejuvenation.

According to Doctor Shobhna Singh of Nitai Medical and Cosmetics Clinic, radiofrequency treatments like TempSure Vitalia are a safer alternative to other vaginal rejuvenation methods, “It can be used on all skin types and will not interfere with any medical conditions… the tissue is heated in a gentle and controlled way, so the risk of any problems is minimal if any, whilst allowing for excellent and consistent results.”

Lasting only 30 minutes per treatment and no downtime, TempSure Vitalia is an efficient and effective solution for any woman looking for long-lasting improvement to their intimate wellness.

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