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The Top Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Tattoo Laser Removalist

Cynosure Laser Tattoo Removal


If you are one of the 1 in 7 people who have tattoos and are considering options for tattoo removal, it is important to be well informed and invest in the safest and most effective treatment. Tattoo removal is a safe process with trained expert professionals that will guide you throughout the procedure to ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with the results. We have gathered some key questions that you should ask your tattoo removalist to gain professional advice and personal insight into the procedure.

Can you completely remove tattoos using laser treatments?

It is possible to remove tattoos with laser treatments; however, the results are dependent on a number of different factors. Multi-coloured tattoos require different laser wavelengths dependant on the colour, and some colours such as white can turn dark throughout the process before diminishing in appearance. It is vital to ensure that you discuss your individual requirements with your treatment provider; to gain an understanding of the number of treatment sessions required to achieve your desired results.

Do you have the right credentials and experience?

It is important that you can access the credentials of the specialist, and ask for personal testimonials as well as before and afters, so that you can assess their proven results and have the opportunity to raise any queries prior to your first treatment.

What type of technology do you use?

Q-switched lasers are most commonly used to remove tattoos, which produce brief pulses of high energy to break up the pigment in the skin’s dermis. Nanosecond and picosecond machines are both currently in the market for tattoo removal and the major differences between these devices are the speed at which each delivers energy. These pulses work to shatter the ink into tiny, dust-like particles, making it easier for the ink to be naturally absorbed and eliminated by the body.

This also ensures that less heat is being generated by the laser and transferred to the skin, reducing the chances of burning, bleeding or discolouration and resulting in less pain and recovery time. Be sure to discuss the technology options provided by your tattoo removalist, and carry out your own research to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with the procedure process and anticipated results.

What do you recommend for aftercare?

After laser removal, it is important to be well informed on the best methods of aftercare such as avoiding any friction and preventing moisture getting to the area. Keep the area clean and dry whilst also applying Vitamin E cream to instigate skin renewal. For the next few weeks after the treatment, it is best to avoid direct sun exposure to prevent damaging your skin further. Pools and saunas should be avoided to lessen chances of infection. Lastly, pay attention to the area so that you can contact your technician if it looks like there are abnormal developments.

To get started on removing your tattoo with the safest and most efficient laser technology, arrange a consultation with an expert by contacting your local clinic today!

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