Transforming lives with Cynosure PicoSure Picosecond and Revlite SI Q-Switch Technologies 

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In the realm of medical and aesthetic advancements, few technologies have demonstrated the ability to transform lives and boost self-esteem like Cynosure’s PicoSure and Revlite SI technologies. These devices ushered in an era of skin rejuvenation and pigment correction, helping individuals overcome the emotional and psychological impact of skin imperfections, as well as ‘tattoo regret’. Here, one tattoo removal clinic and their drive for innovation was met with a patient’s very unique problem, and using our technology they made life-changing positive impacts on self-esteem and confidence. 

The Unforeseen Stain: Imagine a scenario where a patient, already dealing with health concerns that necessitated an iron infusion, is faced with an unexpected consequence: a stubborn and conspicuous stain on their skin. This physical reminder of a medical procedure, on show to the world in any short sleeve, has the potential to erode self-esteem, causing emotional distress and anxiety. What was intended to improve health now becomes a source of self-consciousness. 

After being told by various medical professionals that there was no remedy, tireless research paid off. The turning point came after visiting LaserTat tattoo removal clinic. Enter the transformative power of Cynosure’s Picosecond and Q-Switch technologies. These technologies are designed to address pigmentation issues. The PicoSure laser delivers ultra-short pulses of energy to break down pigment particles, while the Q-Switch laser utilizes rapid pulses of high-energy light to target and fragment pigments. 

“By combining devices and using multiple wavelengths it is possible to target various depth. Also, each of these wavelengths (532nm, 1064nm, 755nm) has different coefficients of chromophore absorption and this will help in targeting the various shades present in this stain” – Sandra Sostres, Cynosure Australia”

In the case of the iron infusion stain, these technologies offered a glimmer of hope. After consulting with the team at LaserTat, a personalised treatment plan was devised leveraging the combined strengths of PicoSure and Revlite SI technologies. Though this was a whole new area for the team, the patient committed to a course of treatments. 

“Working closely with Cynosure, the manufacturer of our lasers, we gained access to research papers detailing successful cases of iron stain removal utilizing Q-Switch and Picosure lasers. Despite the promising findings, it was still uncertain for both Lainy and our team, if her iron stain could be effectively removed.”LaserTat 


Each treatment began with a review of the affected area, comparing it to the previous treatment.  The iron stain was treated with a combination of three wavelengths to target the stain at various depths. A double pass of the laser at different wavelengths was used on multiple occasions.   

Though the patient faced pinpoint bleeding, blistering and swelling, as the treatments progressed – so did her confidence. The gradual fading of the stain, week by week, was more than just a physical transformation – it was an emotional and psychological journey. With each session the stain became less prominent. The stain that once dominated her thoughts was now losing its grip.

“We have been truly inspired by Lainy’s perseverance and commitment to her laser treatments, and we are incredibly grateful to Lainy for allowing us to share her unique story. While we are not yet at the end of her laser journey, we are approaching the final stages and can’t wait for the complete removal of her iron stain. We are honoured to be a part of and to have witnessed Lainy’s renewed sense of comfort and confidence in her skin.” – LaserTat 

This story of a patient impacted by an iron infusion stain is testament to the transformative capabilities of Cynosure’s PicoSure and Revlite SI devices. The synergistic use of these devices enabled targeted pigment correction. Cynosure has redefined the possibilities of skin rejuvenation and self-confidence, one life-changing transformation at a time. 

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