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Why StimSure Muscle Toning Technology is the Next Step in Body Contouring for Your Clinic

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Why StimSure Muscle Toning Technology is the Next Step in Body Contouring for Your Clinic

“There is more to body contouring than fat reduction, every day we see an increasing number of consumers striving for a strong, more defined physique. StimSure®, is now able to address these concerns in a safe, swift and effective way.”

-Paul Vujevic
Managing Director of Cynosure Australia


As leaders and innovators in body contouring treatment applications, Cynosure has met the demand for muscle toning treatments with its state-of-the-art electromagnetic technology, StimSure. If your clinic is looking to capitalise on the popularity of such treatments, StimSure is your next step.

What is StimSure?

StimSure is the latest generation muscle stimulation technology, developed by Cynosure alongside leading experts in international sports science and neuromuscular electromagnetic stimulation. This non-invasive muscle building and toning treatment uses electromagnetic energy to deliver up to 24,000 full muscle contractions in just one 30-minute session*.

So, how does it work?

The StimSure applicators work by generating an electromagnetic field that stimulates the motor neuron cells of the body’s muscles. This causes the muscles to contract as they would during movement or exercise and results in more efficient growth of muscle fibres. StimSure treatments are ideal for strengthening and tightening the abdominal, gluteal and thigh muscles. StimSure is marked for muscular atrophy, has no downtime and is the perfect complement to your patient’s fitness journey.

Why StimSure is the next step in body contouring for your clinic.
  • Optimal Tesla per application – This provides an electromagnetic field that engages the entire target muscle group, leading to visible results in fewer treatments.
  • Consistent muscle contraction – This results in more efficient growth of new protein strands and muscle fibers.
  • Pre-set and personalised programs – This allows for versatile treatments that can be tailored to each individual patient.
  • Perfectly complements other contouring procedures – Depending on what you are wanting to offer your clients, we can work with you to combine StimSure treatments with other Cynosure technologies, such as SculpSure and TempSure for the full body shaping package!
  • Continued support from Cynosure – When you partner with Cynosure, you can expect increased patient visibility, enhanced marketing materials, dedicated support channels and more!

Ready to take your clinic to the next level with StimSure muscle toning treatments?

Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more – [email protected]

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