Vein Treatments

Diminish the appearance of face and leg veins without surgery or lengthy recovery times.

Quick treatments. Long-lasting results.

Spider veins are the result of unhealthy valves inside feeder veins. Feeder veins are what allow the blood to flow backwards. When too much blood back up, it kills the vein and it becomes visible beneath the skin. Everyone will experience vein health issues at some point or another and in most instances it’s genetic. Pregnancy is another common cause of vein health concerns, as are jobs that require long periods of standing.

While spider veins are not a health risk, they can affect your confidence and body image. Fortunately, there is a way to address this concern in the form of advanced laser technology.

With Cynosure’s innovative laser technology, you can finally stop covering up unsightly spider veins and broken blood vessels. Learn more about how vein treatments are helping people get back their confidence and reveal their beautiful selves.

How it works

Before treatments can be undertaken, you will need to book a consultation with a qualified Cynosure treatment provider. Consultations are necessary to determine whether you’re a viable candidate for laser vein treatment. During your consultation, the affected area and your medical history will be evaluated. You will also find out more about what to expect and how many treatments you will possibly require.

During your vein treatment, advanced laser technology is used to target and remove the blood vessels responsible for spider veins. As the light from the laser passes down into the skin, it coagulates the damaged blood vessels, making them irreparable. The body then breaks the unwanted vessels down and removes them via the lymphatic system. Since the laser targets the blood vessels within the vein, there is minimal or no damage to the outer layer of the skin.

The areas that can be treated is anywhere veins can develop, including the face and legs.

Patients are free to resume their usual activities directly after their appointment. However, it’s advisable that strenuous exercise be avoided for at least a week. There may also be some minor bruising and swelling but this will subside within a few days.

Laser Vein Treatment FAQs

Do laser vein treatments hurt?

Patients describe a range of sensations from tingling to the snap of a rubber band during the treatment. A topical anaesthetic can be applied to the area prior to the treatment if you are concerned about discomfort. However, treatments are more than tolerable thanks to the Cynosure’s built-in cooling systems.

How long are treatments?

Treatments can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. If multiple areas will be treated, this will also increase treatment time.

How many treatments are needed?

A series of treatments may be needed to fully clear blood vessels and reduce the appearance of the veins completely. Typically, one to four sessions are needed for the desired results. Your Cynosure provider will assist you with a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs.

What type of result can I expect?

Many patients experience an immediate improvement in the appearance of their veins following their treatment. This is followed by continued improvement over the next week or so. Several sessions will be necessary to achieve optimal results but results are permanent. With this being said, it is still possible for remaining veins to become damaged with age – these will require further treatment.

How should I prepare for a laser vein treatment?

Some minor preparations are required prior to your session. Patients are encouraged to avoid sun exposure for long periods of time and UV tanning beds two weeks before any session. Any medications or supplements that could lead to bruising and bleeding should be avoided. Since smoking can affect the healing process, patients are encouraged to cut down or quit before undergoing treatments. Your Cynosure provider will provide you with all treatment preparation requirements during your consultation.

Can laser treatments help with varicose veins?

Yes, laser treatments can be used to treat varicose veins too but the process is minimally invasive. Endovenous laser treatments are used to address varicose veins. The procedure involves a small incision so that a thin tube can be inserted under the skin. The laser fibre within this tube is what coagulates and damages the vein so that it can be removed from the body. Since the incisions are minor, patients will need to adhere to a few recovery requirements after their treatment. The veins will take some time to disappear but the results will be permanent. This doesn’t make it impossible for new varicose veins to form in the future though. After treatment, patients can expect smoother, clearer skin and less pain.