4 Ways To Care For Your Skin After a PicoSure Treatment

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After a PicoSure skin rejuvenation laser treatment, there are a number of factors to keep in mind to ensure that your skin receives the appropriate after care. Properly looking after your skin post-treatment is important in ensuring that you not only achieve the best possible results from your treatment but also prevent your skin from becoming irritated or damaged in any way.

Avoid Rubbing or Scratching Your Skin

After a treatment, some patients may experience slight redness or skin tenderness and sensitivity. In this case, it is best to avoid excessively touching, rubbing or scratching your skin as this can lead to further inflammation or irritation. After a treatment it is always best to allow your skin to repair itself naturally, and in turn encourage more effective skin rejuvenation results.

Avoid Wearing Any Make Up

As your skin is at its most sensitive just after a skin treatment, applying any make-up products such as a foundation or face powder may only work to further aggravate your skin. Certain foundations may contain ingredients, additives, fragrances or oils that can congest your skin and block your pores, leading to irritation and preventing your skin from attaining the best outcome from your treatment. It is best to wait a few days for your skin to heal before applying any make-up.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Regular moisturising and keeping your skin properly hydrated after a PicoSure treatment will help to promote healing. Most laser technicians will advise using a post-laser cream or balm, followed by an unscented moisturiser or aloe vera gel. Opt for natural options or a moisturiser with added SPF where possible and avoid using any moisturisers that are heavily scented or rich in texture. It is also incredibly beneficial to ensure that you are drinking plenty of water to help further keep your skin hydrated.

Regularly and Gently Cleanse Your Skin

When washing your face for the first time after a treatment, it is important to avoid hot water as it may cause further burning to your already sensitive skin. Be sure to wash your face gently with cool or lukewarm water to promote healthy healing. Consult a clinical professional in regards to cleansing and the types of cleanser you can use directly after the procedure, however a gentle oil-free cream or gel cleanser will be your best option. Avoid using an exfoliator or face scrub, a cleansing brush or washing your face too vigorously.

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