Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without surgery or downtime with our innovative skin revitalisation treatments.

Reduce fine lines. Diminish signs of aging. And turn back the clock.

Cynosure’s advanced technology helps people feel young and beautiful again. Our state-of-the-art treatments can reduce signs of aging, from wrinkles and crow’s feet to facial veins, fine lines and more.

The treatment options that are available, include:

  • Elite. Using the power of Nd:YAG technology, the Elite+ system is ideal for reducing common signs of ageing across all skin types.
  • Vivace. A combination of radiofrequency and microneedling, allows the Vivace system to alleviate lines and wrinkles and improves skin tone.
  • Icon. The Icon IPL system is designed to reduce wrinkles, scars and pigmentation.
  • Pelleve. This head-to-toe radiofrequency aesthetic solution creates a visible improvement in facial wrinkles.
  • PicoSure. This is the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser system that uses optimal wavelengths to rejuvenate the skin.
  • RevLite. Using Q-switched laser technology, the RevLite system effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • TempSure. This monopolar radiofrequency platform with innovative handpieces reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin.

While all of these treatments are ideal for reducing signs of ageing, the right option for you will be determined by your provider.

An in-depth consultation is required prior to undertaking any of the above treatments to eliminate potential risks and complications. A personalised treatment plan is also necessary for the best results – no two patients have the same requirements or skin type.

Fine Lines & Wrinkle Treatment FAQs

How do treatments for fine lines and wrinkles work?

The building blocks of smooth, youthful skin are elastin and collagen. Laser skin revitalisation treatments use targeted pulses of light to penetrate the skin’s sub-layers. This is what helps treat the ageing support structures. The body’s natural healing process then rebuilds the tissue, with a more even texture and fewer wrinkles. Each Cynosure system works slightly differently. Some treatments are better suited to specific types of skin, which is why a consultation is required.

Do laser treatments for fine lines and wrinkles hurt?

Your treatment provider may offer ways to make this a comfortable experience. In many instances, a topical anaesthetic can be applied to increase comfort. Many of the Cynosure systems also have built-in cooling, which alleviates any discomfort during treatment. Since everyone is different, and this depends on the level of treatment needed, it is best to discuss all of your options with your laser treatment provider.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on your individual case and the laser used, some patients only need one treatment to achieve their desired outcome. In other instances, several treatments will be required.

How long do treatments usually take?

In most cases, treatments never take longer than an hour to complete. However, the size of the treatment area, as well as how many areas you want to treat, will determine treatment times.

What can I expect after a laser treatment for fine lines and wrinkles?

This is dependent on the system that’s selected for your treatment plan. It’s common for some redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness to occur after most laser treatments. However, these effects are mild and most patients don’t need to take any time off work. If any downtime is required, it won’t be more than a day or two. Any residual redness can easily be covered with makeup. The results of your treatment will take time to show up since your skin needs time to repair and rejuvenate. Since the skin is repairing at a deeper level, you can expect the results to be long-lasting. Having a good at-home skincare regime and protecting your skin from the rays of the sun can also prolong the results.

How should I prepare for a laser treatment for fine lines and wrinkles?

It’s important to avoid sun exposure prior to any laser treatment – this includes tanning beds. Sunburned skin can’t be treated with laser. Any products that contain salicylic acid, retinols and hydroxy acid should also be avoided. Your provider will tell you whether there are any supplements and medications you should refrain from using prior to your session. Undergoing any other cosmetic treatments such as peels and cosmetic injections is not recommended.

What other skin concerns can be treated with laser technology?

Cynosure’s laser treatments aren’t just ideal for lines and wrinkles. Sessions can also be used to target pigmentation, scarring, acne, cellulite and stretch marks. Patients should decide which concerns are most important to them and start with those as it may not be possible to treat too many things at once. If you do have multiple concerns, they will be included in your custom treatment plan, which will be implemented over several months. If more than one Cynosure solution is utilised, multiple concerns can possibly be treated at once.