The Most Common Causes of Skin Pigmentation and How to Resolve It

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As one of the most prevalent skin concerns globally, it is clear to see why countless Australians are looking for ways to resolve their pigmentation and achieve a more even toned complexion.

Whilst pigmentation is often solely associated with excess sun exposure, UV damage is only one of the many causes of pigmentation. Understanding what stressors can contribute to pigmentation and the simple ways to restore even skin tone can help you to become more confident in your skin.

Sun Exposure

As Australians, we are subjected so some of the harshest levels of UV exposure in the world. This can wreak havoc to our face causing issues such as pigmentation as excess exposure to UV radiation damages DNA. Pigmentation is caused as the skin produces patches of melanin in an attempt to try and protect itself from damage.

Reducing time spent in the sun particularly during peak times of UV exposure as well as ensuring sunscreen is applied frequently and liberally can help to prevent pigmentation and stop it from worsening. Antioxidant rich skincare products and skin exfoliation can also help to reduce existing pigmentation. Laser treatments such as our FDA-cleared and TGA-listed PicoSure, can effectively and permanently treat visible sun damage with little to no downtime. This technology uses targeted light pulses to dissipate the pigment underneath the skin and encourage natural rejuvenation leaving you with a radiant complexion.

Hormonal Changes

Our bodies go through tremendous processes of change throughout our lifetime, some of which have adverse effects on our skin. Acne has been known to contribute to pigmentation during adolescence, as inflamed areas cause major disruption to the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in melanin pigment becoming trapped. Throughout pregnancy the vast majority of women also commonly experience melasma, which presents itself as dark patches on the face and body.

Whilst topical creams and treatments may help to reduce the appearance of hormonal pigmentation, laser is the safest and most effective way to permanently reduce the effects of skin changes such as melasma and scarring left behind by acne. For these concerns we recommend RevLite, which is revolutionary in its ability to treat a variety of skin tones, virtually shattering the pigment and scar tissue and successfully removing hormonal related pigmentation.


As we age, we often become increasingly aware of the changes to our skin, particularly to areas such as our face, where our natural skin renewal processes slow down, resulting in a build-up of pigmented tissue on the skins surface. Whilst it may not be possible to prevent all these changes, there are a number of simple things that can be done to help reduce the signs of ageing.

Chemical peels and other dermabrasion treatments can help to stimulate our skins elastin and collagen production and encourage a more youthful complexion. However, if you are serious about keeping your skin in optimum condition and free from the visible signs of ageing, Laser treatments provide the best permanent and non-invasive solution. The Icon Aesthetic System provides state of the art cooling and melanin reading for effective and fast treatment of pigmentation and other age related skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles – making it a must try treatment if you are concerned about the signs of ageing.

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