I know I’m not the only one who is making “Great Skin!” a resolution this year. For me, last year offered a host of challenges, not the least of which was my skin. After battling monthly hormonal breakouts, I burnt my face with hot oil while cooking. After a night in emergency and an extended date with the Burns Unit I put my skin into rehab with very basic moisturizers and regular LED treatments. Now that it’s mostly healed, I’m on a serious quest for a glow-up (as my son would say after watching Tik Tok.) And I’m not settling for just any ol’ skincare routine. I’m delving into the world of high-tech treatments and skincare gadgets that promise to hydrate, refresh and renew the complexion and I’ll share all, so we can all herald in a great skin year together.


One surefire way to refresh the complexion is the Cynosure Picosure Pro Laser. It’s a high-tech zapper that targets all sorts of skin issues. You can kiss goodbye those annoying pigment spots and acne scars. It also boosts collagen and elastin production so over time your skin looks better too. It’s not painful, more like tiny snaps on the skin but you can get numbing cream if you like. Best part? Minimal downtime. You might look a bit flushed post-treatment, but it’s really no biggie. For serious results, plan a few sessions, usually a month apart. I’m already booking my next series of treatments for the months ahead.


When I want my skin to look extra juicy pre-event I pull out the big guns. The Qure DIY Dermastamping is like a booster for your skincare products, making them work double-time by pressing tiny holes in your skin (sounds scarier than it is!). This stimulates collagen and helps products soak in better. I love that you can do it yourself and it’s completely sterile and doesn’t drag the skin like some dermarollers can. Here’s a video I made about it. And the best news is I have a discount code for you! (SIGOURNEY10 for 10% off) Click here for the link to buy.


Profhilo, often termed a ‘bio remodeller,’ consists of ultra-fine hyaluronic acid injected just beneath the surface of the skin. Once injected, it disperses and forms tiny moisture pockets. Unlike typical fillers that reshape features, Profhilo doesn’t alter the contours of cheeks or lips by filling in lines. Rather, it revs up our skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, which tends to decline with age, aiding in retaining that youthful radiance we all covet. I swear by the injectors at All Saints Skin Clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay. Dr Hkeik and Dr Crimpston are genies when it comes to making you resemble a fetus. It’s a great alternative to Botox if you don’t like that frozen look and a couple of sessions spaced a month apart can work wonders!


Picture this: a facial that’s like a total spa day for your face. The Hydrafacial with the JLO Booster does it all – deep cleanse, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidants galore. Plus, that JLO Booster gives you that ‘Jenny from the Block’ glow! No pain, just pampering, and you’ll walk out looking like you’ve had a month of beauty sleep. Monthly sessions can keep that glow on point.


I’ve been hearing about the Fairy Dust Facial at Belameres in Double Bay for years, so when brand Beaute Pacifique, invited me to the salon for their launch I was intrigued. I’m actually due to have it next week so I’ll report back but in preparation (watch this space, I’ll update). At the event I had my skin photographed and was given some product to get started on.  Their Vitamin A game is strong and targets everything from fine lines to pesky pimples. The secret? They have a delivery system that gets those actives right where they need to be. Patience is key here; give it a few weeks to see those changes.


It’s official. I’m becoming an LED mask aficionado, having now tested at least 8 at home devices and I found most of them really effective (generally you do get what you pay for). Straight after my burn situation the kind folks at PBS beauty supplies offered me a loan of their super impressive Dermalux Flex, which is a medical grade, professional LED that’s mostly used in salons/clinics. I camped out under it a few times a week and almost cried when I had to give it back. (You can buy them online for around the $5k mark) In the mask department, I’ve been really impressed with the San Lueur LED Mask – read my story here. The blue light and different strengths and time settings gives it my tick of approval. I’m currently testing the Therabody TheraFace Mask with vibrating massage – I’ll report back soon.

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