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Five years ago Dr Feng Yang purchased his first PicoSure from Cynosure, and now he owns four.  His extensive experience with this technology placed him in the perfect position to be one of the first in the world to access the PicoSure Pro, the latest leap forward in the already revolutionary picosecond laser technology.  As a medical professional who is inspired by science,  Dr Yang explains just how significant this innovation is for both his business and also his patients. Here we discuss with Dr Yang,  some of the top questions that the industry has been asking about this new technology for the treatment of pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. 


What is a PicoSecond Laser?  

Dr Yang says the Picosecond is a very short time unit, it’s equivalent to one second divided by one trillionth. The first Picosecond laser was the PicoSure® from Cynosure.  So, it’s fitting that they are the first to revolutionise the market by bringing the PicoSure Pro with its 755nm and adjustable fluence technologies. 

Picosecond lasers use technology to make the pulse, the duration of the laser energy delivery a Picosecond of time. The point of this breakthrough technology is it delivers the required energy to destroy the pigmentation we want to destroy, but at the same time, minimise any damage to the skin or reduce the chance of any side effects.  

Previously, it was believed that if you have a laser treatment, you would need to stay indoors for up to two weeks, and the recovery was painful. With the PicoSure® and PicoSure® Pro treatments, you’re generally able to keep your normal schedule.  Picosecond lasers have almost resolved that problem totally as it can destroys the pigmentation and gives skin benign stimulation, which is what we want for skin rejuvenation to achieve a fantastic result at the same time. It keeps the skin’s structure intact, that’s the biggest advantage for this machine.  

The PicoSure® Pro gives us more methods to threat patients.  The adjustable fluence and 755nm handpiece allows practicioners to alter the energy level and the delivery method so we can achieve a much better result with even less side effects than before.  Making it very safe to use as well as being a powerful and effective device. 


What can the PicoSure Pro treat? 

Dr Yang says that the common indications for the PicoSure Pro device are  pigmented skin lesions such as melasma, birthmarks and sunspots that all can be treated with PicoSure® Pro. It can also treat birthmarks that have had failed laser treatment in the past.  This is because it’s very powerful and safe to use. And on top of that, it treats acne scars, can be used for skin rejuvenations and also tattoo removal. So that makes this new Picosecond device a big part of any practice.  

“In fact, the PicoSure Pro is the ONLY picosecond laser cleared by the FDA to remove melasma pigment, nevus of Ota and Hori’s nevus in all skin types”- Dr Feng Yang 


What skin types can you treat with the PicoSure Pro? 

Another advantage of this device is it treats almost all skin types, in the past other laser skin devices can only treat skin type one to four. Put simply, before Picosecond lasers we could only treat people with skin melanin less than East Asian levels. People from generally, say an African, South Asian background, and even some with a Mediterranean background; they couldn’t use any previous laser device. That caused frustration for them because they couldn’t have these conditions treated.  Now with Picosecond laser, especially the PicoSure® Pro, we can treat almost all skin types, which is a huge elevation for our treatment choice. 


What makes the PicoSure Pro different? 

There are a few key differences vs the original PicoSure device that Dr Yang likes to highlight.   

  • The new adjustable fluence with the same spot size allows for higher fluences when treating patients which provides faster treatments, more versatility and efficiency for the provider.  This also means faster treatment times 33% fewer shots to cover the treatment area and a shorter treatment time (10 to 15mins). 
  • The additional power with the 755nm wavelength allows for higher fluences when treating patients which provides faster treatments, more versatility and efficiency for the provider.  
  • The new turbo mode for tattoo removal treatments allows for a stronger treatment when treating stubborn tattoos. Gives the treatment an extra “boost.” 1 mode instead of 4, this is specific to 755nm.  
  • Plus, on the business side of things the faster start up time (11 mins vs 16mins previous) and that you get 40% more shots (112K vs 80K) with the new Platinum handpiece. 


What’s so special about 755nm? 

It took Cynosure a decade to stabilise the 755nm wavelength to use in the PicoSure Pro.  755nm is so special because it sits at the ideal point for optimising the treatment results with ultimate patient safety.   

In simple terms the 755nm is 3 x times more efficient than1064nm.  While the blood vessel absorption rate is on a par with 1064nm, the melanin absorption is 3 times than with the 1064nm.  Resulting in better results, faster and safer.

Watch here for Dr Yang’s explanation here!


What are the benefits of Adjustable Fluence? 

The unique ability to adjust the power in the PicoSure Pro means you have flexibility.  It allows you to treat faster and more efficiently when you turn it up. At the same time, you can adjust the fluence down which gives you more of a safety buffer when required.  

Dr. Yang has more than 30 years experience in general and cosmetic medicine with a total of four clinics in Melbourne.  We look forward to hearing more from him as he continues discovering more about his PicoSure Pro.  

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