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Laser Tattoo Removal VS A Cover Up: Which Is The Best Option For You

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Do you have a tattoo that no longer suits you? If your once loved body ink no longer represents who you are or if a tattoo didn’t quite turn out the way that you expected it to, there are various options available to you to remedy the situation such as a cover up tattoo or complete removal.

As the name suggests, a cover up involves replacing or ‘covering up’ an unwanted tattoo with a new one. A cover up is typically larger in size and darker in colour to camouflage the older design. The ink in your new tattoo is usually deposited into deeper layers of the skin below your original tattoo, and will be combined with ink from your existing tattoo to create something new. This means that the colours that you have used in your older tattoo can impact the colours in your new tattoo. However, the entire process and cost will be based on the design, expertise of your tattoo artist, and the amount of rework that is required to cover the older tattoo.

While cover up tattoos may be less expensive in the long run, there is the risk that you may dislike your new cover up tattoo even more than your previous one. Laser tattoo removal with PicoSure, can completely remove your unwanted body ink to make way for a brand new tattoo or instead leave your skin completely ink free.

PicoSure is the world’s first, fastest and most effective picosecond aesthetic laser for the removal of tattoos. Our unparalleled technology is FDA cleared and TGA listed and is proven to treat a spectrum of ink colours on all skin types. PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatments work by delivering ultra-short pulse bursts of energy into the skin that shatter the tattoo ink into tiny dust like particles, so that the body can safely and easily eliminate the ink.

Every tattoo removal process will vary from person to person as some tattoo inks are harder to remove than others. The number of treatments required to successfully remove your tattoo will be dependent on the age of the tattoo, the size, the colour pigment and the type of ink used. The location of the tattoo on the body will also need to be taken into consideration.

MJ Driver, renowned tattoo removalist and tattoo enthusiast suggests based on his past personal experiences that complete removal may sometimes be the best option, “When I was 18, I had a consultation with a laser clinic. They gave me a quote and all the information regarding my removal process. Instead, being the wise 18-year-old man I was, I opted to go straight for a cover up from my tattoo artist at the time, says Driver. “I ended up hating the tattoo even more than before and pushed forward with laser from there, only this time the area was much larger and denser and the process got a lot more time consuming, painful and expensive.”

To get started on your journey to tattoo free skin, visit our website to find your closest PicoSure clinic today.

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