3 Must-Have Treatments For Brides-To-Be



Look and feel your best on your special day with Cynosure’s revolutionary laser based technologies, the #1 way to meet your wedding day beauty goals.

Achieve glowing skin with PicoSure.

Unlike surgical procedures that require weeks of recovery, PicoSure’s light-based treatments are perfect for those preparing to walk down the aisle. Each treatment lasts just 15-25 minutes and requires no downtime, easily fitting into your busy pre-wedding preparations.

The PicoSure laser reaches deeply into the skin’s sub-layers, healing damaged tissue and rebuilding it with fresh, new collagen and elastin. PicoSure’s laser speeds up the skin’s production of collagen, increasing the skin’s internal rejuvenation processes. Unwanted signs of aging are reduced, revealing bright, youthful skin. Early results can be seen in a few short days, with optimal results emerging over the course of 2-6 weeks. Most people only require 2-3 over the course of 6 months treatments and then an annual treatment each year to maintain results. Achieving that wedding day glow is easy with PicoSure’s help.

Contour your dream body with SculpSure.

With up to 24% fat reduction in treated areas, SculpSure is an outstanding way to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed about in time for your wedding. The world’s first FDA-cleared hyperthermic laser treatment for non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction, SculpSure does not require any down time. Using patented technology, SculpSure targets stubborn fat that tends to accumulate around the stomach, legs and flanks (love handles).

Within just 2-3 treatments, SculpSure delivers jaw-dropping results, permanently eliminating the fat cells from the body. Each treatment session lasts just 25 minutes, making SculpSure the perfect solution for easily shifting hard to move fat. Clinically proven to work, SculpSure works by non-invasively disrupting the areas of excess fat and encouraging the body to remove them. With SculpSure, you’ll look and feel your best on your big day.

Get smooth, flawless skin with Vectus Laser Hair Removal.

With Vectus Hair Removal, you don’t have to worry about shaving cuts or waxing irritation ruining your big day. Targeting the individual hair follicles, the Vectus Laser not only removes body hair, but also slows down future growth.

With hair removal remaining the number one requested laser-based cosmetic treatment among women, Vectus Hair Removal is the most effective means of hair removal on the market today. The Vectus Laser has a larger spot size, meaning treatments are 2.5 times faster than competitor technologies and results can be seen within just 2-3 sessions, making treatments easy to fit into the hectic lead up to your wedding. After the initial series of treatments, future treatments are less frequent with new hair growth reducing drastically over time.

All of the treatments mentioned above are now available in clinics across Australia, contact your local clinic to get started on your journey towards wedding day perfection.

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