3 Ways to Revitalise Your Complexion

Cynosure Skin Revitalization

One of the leading insecurities for Australian women is the appearance of their skin. As we age, our skin goes through a number of dramatic changes that have an adverse impact on our complexion and can in turn effect one’s confidence and self-esteem. Common skin concerns such as acne scarring, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and pigmented lesions are typically viewed as difficult to remedy and are a long-term feature that can’t be removed. However, clear and flawless skin has never been more within reach through a range of our non-invasive skin rejuvenating laser technology treatments.


As the world’s first, fast and most effective picosecond laser, PicoSure is the ultimate treatment for skin revitalisation and targeting concerns such as pigmentation, scarring and wrinkles. FDA approved and TGA listed, PicoSure treatments harness PressureWave Technology to deliver short pulses of energy to the skin to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin that in turn promotes cell turnover and skin renewal for a brighter, smoother, and a more youthful complexion.


With our unique ThreeForMe Icon Aesthetic Platform treatments, you can easily target the three most common skin concerns such as sun damage, wrinkles and facial veins in just one non-invasive, quick and painless procedure. The Icon system utilises a Skintel® Reader, which is the only FDA cleared melanin reader, contributing to faster treatments with optimal results.


Skin tightening technology such as Pelleve, can help not only reverse the signs of ageing, but improve the overall quality of your skin, to safely and effectively treat facial wrinkles without surgery. Utilising the proven benefits of radiofrequency, Pelleve treatments help to effectively treat facial wrinkles for a healthy and flawless complexion.


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