STIMSURE – Build and Tone Muscle!

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If you’re struggling to achieve a defined and toned body through exercise and dieting, StimSure can help you fast-track your way to defined abs, toned glutes, and a sculpted physique.

Fast-track your way towards toned abs, defined glutes and pumped self-confidence

StimSure is a non-invasive muscle stimulation technology that builds and defines muscles in a safe, swift and impactful way. You will experience 24,000 – 42,000 muscle twitch contractions over a 20-30 minute treatment, depending on the muscle group being targeted.

As one of Cynosure’s latest innovations in technology, StimSure was developed with the help of leading experts in international sports science and neuromuscular electromagnetic stimulation. The treatment works your muscles the way that exercise does, encouraging the muscle to build and strengthen.

Treatment Areas

StimSure is perfect for treating the biceps, triceps, abdomen, glutes, and thigh muscles, strengthening, and tightening the areas to create athletic-looking results.

With a tailored treatment approach, thanks to the option of pre-set and personalised programs, you can work towards your ideal physique.


Up to 28.1% reduction* in fat thickness was observed in the MRI study group of 20 subjects having 6 treatments each.

*All treatment plans are tailored to the individual patient. We recommend 6-8 treatments in a four-week period, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, to see noticeable results!

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