The Smart Way To Eliminate Post-Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Cynosure Skin Revitalization


Join the thousands of mums who’ve experienced amazing results with Cynosure’s Icon Aesthetic System.

Following pregnancy, many mums find themselves with unwanted stretch marks, despite using preventative creams and lotions throughout their pregnancy. Although these marks are completely natural, many mums desire a way to remove their stretch marks and reclaim their pre-pregnancy body.

Suitable for women 6 months post-partum with doctor clearance, Icon is highly successful at removing not only pregnancy induced stretch marks, but also those caused by weight gain, puberty and hormonal changes.

The Icon Aesthetic System is also vastly superior to topical creams and lotions, which can take many months to show even slight results. Icon is painless and does not require any recovery time, making it perfect for busy new mums.

Most patients require only 3-6 treatments, one month apart to dramatically improve the appearance of their stretch marks. Noticeable results begin to emerge within just 6-8 weeks as the skin begins to rejuvenate. Icon is successful at removing stretch marks on several areas of the body, perfect for the legs, stomach and flanks (love handles).

Icon utilises the latest technologies to deliver highly impressive results.  Using fractional laser-light pulses to reach below the skin’s surface, the body is naturally encouraged to increase it production of collagen and repair the damaged tissue. The laser specifically targets the damaged tissue, with the surrounding skin unaffected.

The perfect way to regain your confidence and fall back in love with your body post-pregnancy.

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