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Everything You Need To Know Introducing Laser Technology Into Your Clinic With Dr Saras



What was once seen as an expensive and risky procedure, laser technology has come a long way in the last 25 years. Now seen as a common treatment for a range of problems, including fat reduction, skin rejuvenation and hair removal, lasers are fast making a name for themselves as the medical treatments of the future.

One prominent advocate in the power of such laser treatments is leading cosmetic physician, Dr Saras, who has more than 20 years of laser procedure experience. Recently, Dr Saras sat down with us to answer some of our questions on laser beauty treatment, PicoSure and why laser beauty treatments are a vital component of your clinic’s offerings.

What is the main difference you’ve seen with PicoSure in comparison to older laser technologies?

PicoSure is the latest generation of laser, so while other lasers in the past have fired quite slowly at a nanosecond level, PicoSure is a picosecond laser, meaning it fires at a faster rate. This ensures that not as much heat is left in the skin, making the entire process much more patient-friendly with fewer complications. PicoSure is also the only picosecond laser with the 755nm wavelength which is the ideal wavelength for skin. Other lasers can cause pinpoint bleeding resulting in downtime for the patient.

The other exciting thing about PicoSure, which I really love, is that it is one of the first truly colour-blind lasers. Being of an Indian background myself, I am able to use PicoSure safely. It’s such an exciting discovery and opens the door to a much wider client base.

How does PicosSure differ from other treatments such as IPL, ultrasound and hydrafacials?

Although these techniques are used to improve the skin, there are some big differences. IPL, for example, is not a laser but it is a light-producing device that can be used to target things like hair removal and pigmentation removal. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of IPL is that you can’t safely use it on all skin types and it isn’t as strong as a laser.
With ultrasound, you really can’t target anything on the surface as ultrasound typically penetrates the skin and can be quite painful.

Hydrafacials use streams of water to flush out skin and are therefore really good cleansing processes. To target various problems at different levels you can actually infuse substances into the skin to improve it.

With PicoSure, the laser is a device that the doctor has complete control over. We can dial up the intensity; we can direct it into certain levels and regions of the skin. I think there’s much more control and precision with the laser, with much more reproducible results.

Why do you think women are looking for quick treatments and do they deliver results?

Well I think that’s just a feature of life today, we’re all short of time and we don’t have time to go to appointments if we’re working during the week, so we want procedures that fit into our lifestyle. That’s where PicoSure is brilliant, as there is no down time. You can have a PicoSure treatment in the early afternoon and still go out to dinner that evening, which makes it so much more popular!

How can laser be used with other non-invasive treatments such as fillers and botox?

I believe the two go hand in hand! I’ve been a filler and injectable doctor for more than 25 years, and if you don’t take the quality of the skin into consideration, just having Botox and fillers isn’t going to make for a more attractive or youthful face. Vice versa by treating the skin alone, you wouldn’t benefit totally either, having deep lines that can be fixed with injectable, so both work better in conjunction.

Are PicoSure results permanent on the face?

We know that the collagen remodelling from PicoSure does have a permanent result. However, because we’re constantly aging, the actual look of the skin is not going to be permanently the same and you can’t expect it to be the same ten years later. So to maintain results, clients would probably be recommended to continue treatments.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of providing PicoSure treatments?

I’ve always said that, if you can get a patient to have two PicoSure treatments on their face, you have that patient for life. Once they’ve had those two treatments, people do take notice and comment on their skin, they do see tightening, they do see a decrease in pore size and textural unevenness in their skin. So if they’ve had two treatments, that’s it, you don’t have to convince them anymore because they simply love the results.

To learn more about how Cynosure’s portfolio of light based technologies can benefit your clinic, contact us today.

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