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As we age our skin also begins to change. This includes reduced firmness and elasticity and slowed production of collagen – which is why it is incredibly important to look after our skin sooner rather than later to maintain a flawless and perfected appearance. Our Pellevé light-based technology is a proven skin tightening treatment that acts similar to a non-surgical face-lift that is painless and delivers exceptional results for tighter and smoother looking skin.

Working to target head-to-toe age signifiers on your complexion such as, wrinkles, sagging skin and cellulite, it’s the ultimate no fuss age-erasing treatment. Utilising high-frequency Radiofrequency Technology, Pellevé delivers constant and gradual radiofrequency waves deep into the skin, building up heat where the skin and fat layer meet, which thermally encourages the healing responses within the skin and collagen fibres.

This advanced technology is perfect for treating fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, as well as folds between the eyebrows and forehead lines, for a smoother, healthier and refined appearance.

Due to the predictable nature of Pellevé’s surgical modalities, incisions are delivered through Radiofrequency waves. Pellevé treatments leave little to no scarring, a quicker healing phase, no discomfort and immediate results. This makes Pellevé the safer and more effective alternative to invasive surgery, as it is more controlled and precise in comparison to the use of a scalpel, whilst also not requiring any anaesthetic. There are no unwanted side effects post-treatment and little to no downtime, so you are able to return to normal activities straight away, making Pellevé an accessible treatment that is suitable for a wider range of people.

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