The Number One Treatment to Achieve Smoother Skin

Cynosure Skin Revitalization


We know that smoother, clearer and more even skin can do wonders for enhancing a patient’s confidence, with improvements to the appearance of common skin concerns such as scarring, skin texture and tone can all be drastically improved through skin rejuvenating treatments.

When it comes to selecting a technology, PicoSure is the world’s first, fastest and effective picosecond technology, providing the ultimate result for skin revitalisation. Harnessing targeted ultra-short pulse energy, PicoSure’s FOCUS Lens Array utilises this targeted powerful energy to deeply penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of new elastin and collagen, with patients experiencing a smoother more even complexion in as little as one short session.

With FDA clearance and a TGA listing, PicoSure delivers on safety and results with recent clinical studies returning a 95% satisfaction rate among leading physicians after just one treatment. Multiple clinical trials results indicated an increase of skin radiance, without the inconvenience, pain and downtime of other procedures currently on the market.

Further to this, PicoSure holds the most clinical validation for any other picosecond technology currently available; ensuring customers see results for the most common skin concerns that detract from skin radiance such as scarring, pigmentation, dullness and overall skin texture.

PicoSure is the only picosecond laser with a nominal 755nm wavelength, proven as the safest and most effective wavelength for skin revitalisation outcomes, with lasers such as Picoway and Enlighten utilising three different wavelengths, which are not optimal for the skin and can often result in pinpoint bleeding lasting up to 48 hours post treatment. Ultimately, this result will see an increase in discomfort for patients in the form of scabbing and increases patient downtime following treatment.

As we often see, winter is a time where patients are looking for quick and easy ways to revitalise their appearance as cold weather and a decrease in humidity wreak havoc on their complexions. With skin being significantly drier, duller and lacking in overall hydration and elasticity, treatments that provide effective results with minimal downtime and short treatment windows, such as PicoSure are ideal for preparing the skin for spring.

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