PicoSure: The Reliable Way To Rejuvenate Skin

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Internationally renowned Dermatologist and Laser Specialist Dr Emil Tanghetti reveals why PicoSure is his preferred laser for skin rejuvenation, every time.

After making its mark on the tattoo industry, PicoSure has set the bar in skin rejuvenation, targeting acne scarring, melasma, actinic pigmentation and photodamage like no other treatment. Backed by a wealth of clinical studies and research, the PicoSure point of difference is in its proven ability to effectively treat any skin type with less downtime than competitors, showing a dramatic improvement in the appearance of pigmentation, acne scars and collagen-damaging skin inflammation.

Dr Emil Tanghetti, a leading dermatologist and laser specialist from California, has a passion for clinical research and has investigated a wide range of drugs and devices over the past 20 years. “With any device you want to understand how the company works in terms of clinical evidence. PicoSure has years of clinical evidence, great studies and a lot of reliable data… There are multiple reasons PicoSure might be useful in your practice. While there may be a lot of devices out there, the beauty of PicoSure is that it can treat both tattoos and the skin, as well as all skin colours and types,” he explains.

Dr Tanghetti has recently released a study comparing PicoSure’s 755nm laser and an Nd:YAG 532nm and 1064nm picosecond laser with diffractive lens array and flat optics. To find out what the study involved and the clinical results, read the full article as featured in the 2017 Autumn edition of Aesthetic Medical Practitioner here -> “PicoSure: The Reliable Way to Rejuvenate Skin“.

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