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Why PicoSure is the Number One Choice to Remove Unwanted Tattoos

Cynosure Laser Tattoo Removal

The once negative stigma surrounding tattoos has dissipated in recent years leading to an influx in tattoo popularity, with a study by Cynosure and McCrindle suggesting 1 in 5 Australians now have one or more tattoos. But what happens when the ink that you once loved now comes with regret?

If you are looking to have a tattoo removed – you are not alone. Currently 1 in 4 Australians who have one or more tattoos admit they regret their ink, with 1 in 7 also considering their options for tattoo removal.

Luckily, with huge advancements in tattoo removal technology now is the time to invest in the safest and most effective treatments to remove your ink for good. At the forefront of this tattoo removal revolution is PicoSure, the world’s first, fastest and most effective picosecond aesthetic laser.

PicoSure is the most trusted and versatile technology for the treatment of a wide range of tattoos. Unlike other picosecond laser technologies on the market such as Picoway and Picoplus, PicoSure combines patented PressureWave™ Technology, with ideal treatment wavelengths alongside stringent certifications from the FDA and TGA so you see results faster and with safety guaranteed.

The true PicoSure difference is our patented PressureWave™ Technology. This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology works to treat the entire spectrum of ink colours on all skin types by delivering targeted ultra-short picosecond pulse bursts of energy to the skin. These pulses work to shatter the ink into tiny, dust-like particles, making it easier for the ink to be naturally absorbed and eliminated by the body. This also ensures that less heat is being generated by the laser and transferred to the skin, reducing the chances of burning, bleeding or discolouration and resulting in less pain and recovery time.

PicoSure is also the only picosecond laser with a nominal 755nm wavelength, which has been proven as the safest and most effective wavelength for skin revitalisation. Other lasers such as Picoway and Enlighten require three different wavelengths and utilise Nd:YAG technology, which is not optimal for the skin. These types of wavelengths can often cause pinpoint bleeding, which occurs from broken blood vessels bleeding into the skin forming tiny red dots. This bleeding can last up to 48 hours after treatment and scabbing can usually be expected, resulting in greater downtime and recovery for you and further treatments needed before you begin to see results.

The most important consideration for choosing a technology is always tied to safety. While lasers make statements and claims about the safety and efficiency of the technology, many lack the scientific evidence and certification approvals to support these claims. PicoSure is the first and the only picosecond aesthetic laser with both FDA clearance and TGA listing, ensuring the treatments safety and effectiveness globally.

This means with PicoSure you can trust that our laser technology is only of the safest and highest quality, having been manufactured in the USA to meet industry standards and regulations. In comparison, Picoway and Enlighten technologies only hold FDA clearance, whilst Picoplus maintains certification from a third party Korean Testing Laboratory.

Further to this, PicoSure is one of the few picosecond laser technologies that have been subject to various clinical trials and peer review publications. These publications and trials are crucial as they are one of the safest and most efficient ways to identify that a treatment works, whilst establishing the validity of research.

As of 2018, PicoSure has received 25 peer reviewed publications, numerous clinical trials, and over 80 publications and podium presentations. This far outweighs the published studies and clinical articles for any other picosecond technology on the market, reinforcing PicoSure as the safest and most respected tattoo removal technology and asserting its position as the leader in the aesthetic laser industry.

To get started on removing your tattoo with the safest and most efficient laser technology, arrange a consultation with an expert by contacting your local clinic today!

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