Reach Your Body Goals This Year With SculpSure

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If 2017 wasn’t your year for achieving your body goals fear not, we have the perfect solution for you. For those hoping to reclaim their confidence with a more toned physique this year, Cynosure’s revolutionary SculpSure technology is the smarter way to finally attain your dream body.

SculpSure, the world’s first FDA-cleared and TGA listed hyperthermic laser treatment for non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction is a reliable and clinically proven means of permanently removing excess fat, helping you achieve a more contoured figure and start your New Year the smart way.

While many people undertake crash diets in the New Year to try and reach their weight loss goals, this is not a sustainable approach and can cause damage to your metabolism and can actually result in an increase in fat in the long run.

Instead of wasting your time on unhealthy diets with no supporting research, start working towards your dream body with SculpSure. Using patented technology, SculpSure reduces fat by up to 24% in treated areas and can be used to specifically target hard to move areas of fat in the flanks, abdomen, back, inner and outer thighs and chin area.

Quick, easy and pain-free, each treatment session lasts just 25 minutes and requires absolutely no down time, meaning that all your regular activities can be resumed immediately post treatment and you won’t have to take any time away from work to recover. Most patients need between just one and three treatments to see impressive, confidence-boosting results.

Harnessing innovative light-based technology, SculpSure works by gently heating the body’s fat stores, encouraging the body to naturally remove unwanted excess fat over the course of a few short weeks.

The excess fat is removed through the lymphatic system, meaning that SculpSure’s results are permanent and easily maintained through healthy eating and regular exercise.

Suitable for both men and women, SculpSure allows you to overcome your insecurities and take control of your body again – without the need for harsh invasive procedures that often require long recovery periods.

With SculpSure, reaching your dream body and achieving those New Year’s resolutions has never been easier. Take control of 2018 and make it your year for a sculpting your ideal body the simple way.

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