The Secret To Removing Post-Pregnancy Melasma

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During pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood, women often find that the rapid hormonal changes cause their skin to develop unwanted pigmentation across their facial area.

Melasma, a type of hyperpigmentation associated with pregnancy is one of the most common skin issues experienced by new mothers. While this common skin concern has been difficult to remove in the past, RevLite, a FDA-cleared Q-Switched laser technology is highly successful at removing melasma in a natural way.

Melasma is caused by an increase in melanocyte activity and melanin production. It is most often experienced by women during pregnancy due to their changing hormone levels. While some women’s melasma resolves itself after delivery, most women’s skin does not fully repair.

Presenting itself as dark patches of pigment on top of the skin’s surface, melasma can be difficult to cover up with makeup and also makes it difficult for makeup to stay in place.

However, RevLite’s innovative laser based technology possesses the ability to go beyond the skin’s surface and effect change deep in the skin’s sub-layers. Using non-ablative nano-second pulse energy to stimulate natural collagen growth, RevLite non-invasively stimulates the body’s internal renewal processes and drastically reduces the appearance of melasma. RevLite’ s delivery of multi-wavelength energy reorganises the skins collagen into parallel arrays of compact fibres – resulting in overall tightening of the skin – improving the skin’s tone to restore an even, glowing complexion.

As every busy mum knows, time is of the essence when you’ve got a little one to keep up with. RevLite’s treatments are quick and painless, making it easy for mums to fit into their schedule. While each patient is different, most women only need a few treatments to see dramatic results.

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