What Is Tattoo Frosting and Why It Is Completely Normal

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It is only natural to have a few worries about the side effects that surround laser tattoo removal. If you have conducted some research into the process, you may have come across images or videos of what the skin looks like during and immediately after a treatment. Without knowing what is occurring, these images of the skin with a ‘white frosting’ might seem quite alarming. However, tattoo frosting is common, safe and an expected component of your laser tattoo removal treatment.

Tattoo Frosting is known as the white residue that appears on the skin during a tattoo removal procedure. As the laser is moving over the skin and the tattoo, small bubbles may appear on the surface of the skin, often white in colour, which gives the skin a ‘frosted’ appearance.

This occurrence is due to a chemical reaction from the heat of the laser hitting the ink pigments in the skin. As the tattoo ink pigments are being rapidly heated, a gas is released to the superficial layers of the skin, turning into bubbles of carbon dioxide that appear over the treated ink. This process is completely normal, safe and in fact a great sign that your body’s natural healing process is reacting and working, as well as indicating that laser energy is successfully being absorbed by the ink.

For most patients, tattoo frosting is a temporary side effect that will only last for 15-30 minutes after treatment – and the more tattoo removal sessions you do and the more ink that is removed; frosting will not appear as much.

Like all tattoo removal side effects, tattoo frosting is completely dependent on your skin type, the density of the tattoo and the amount of ink that has been used.

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