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Three Reasons Why Laser is the Gold Standard of Hair Removal

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We all know how bothersome unwanted hair and the constant upkeep can be and with so many choices for hair removal, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. Unfortunately, many popular methods for removing face and body hair, including shaving and waxing, can cause irritation and discomfort and merely exist as a short-term solution to an ongoing problem.

Laser hair removal provides fast and effective long-term results for the removal of unwanted hair across multiple areas of the entire body. Our technology has led the field of permanent hair reduction, with our Vectus Laser providing outstanding results to the widest range of skin and hair types. Here are just three reasons why you should take the plunge and switch to laser hair removal today.

1. Less Painful

Perhaps the most common misconception about laser hair removal is that these treatments are painful. In truth, the discomfort from laser is extremely manageable and can be reduced by ensuring treatments are conducted by a trained professional and undertaken no longer than the recommended 6-8 weeks apart.

Laser is also significantly more comfortable than other hair removal treatments such as shaving, which can cause cuts and skin irritation leading to unnecessary discomfort, or waxing, which involves ripping the hair follicle from the skin with hot wax or strips with results typically lasting only 4-6 weeks before hair regrows.

2. Hair Grows Back Less Dense

Interestingly, laser also affects the way in which hair regrows. During each treatment a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle with intense light energy and damages the hair follicle to limit future hair growth.

This means that over time, hair will grow back significantly less dense, with continued treatments over time also helping to reduce the amount of hair regrowth.

3. Does Not Require Constant Upkeep

There’s no doubt it can be tiring keeping up with the frequent and necessary maintenance of hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing, yielding short term results and doing little to ease the upkeep of smooth and silky skin.

Laser is the smarter alternative for hair removal, as it does not require constant maintenance, with even initial treatments required at intervals of only 6 -8 weeks. As these sessions progress, hair often becomes more sparse resulting in sessions becoming less frequent over time as hair growth slows.

To get started on your laser hair removal journey today, visit our website to find your local clinic.

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