Three Things You Didn’t Know Cosmetic Lasers Can Achieve

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Australia’s laser industry is thriving. More consumers than ever before are embracing laser as an alternative to traditional beauty treatments and overcoming their biggest beauty concerns one treatment at a time. But do you know all the fantastic results cosmetics lasers can achieve?

Whilst we have long been told the fantastic benefits that laser offers to treat concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles and hair and tattoo removal, there are a surprising number of under the radar laser treatments that you may not have considered. Below we share the top three things you didn’t know cosmetic lasers could achieve!

1 . Reduce a Double Chin

Traditionally one of the most difficult insecurities to resolve, the dreaded double chin has long been at the forefront of body concerns for both men and women. Whilst traditional methods of losing weight may help to reduce the issue of a double chin, often pockets of can be extremely difficult to shift. SculpSure’s Submental technology allows patients to safely and permanently destroy fat in the chin area by up to 23% for a more contoured and defined jawline.

2. Reduce Vascular Issues

Vascular issues arise from a number of factors and can leave sufferers lacking in self-confidence as broken capillaries can make the surface of the skin appear blotchy and uneven. Laser offers a safe and effective treatment for vascular lesions and birthmarks for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Our Elite + technology is highly effective at transcending beyond the skin’s surface to clear broken capillaries, providing an immediate improvement in skin clarity and tone.

3. Reduce Acne Scarring

The majority of individuals have unfortunately had to deal with acne issues throughout adolescence. But whist the breakouts may have stopped during the transition into adulthood, we are often left with the stubborn scarring on the skins surface. The Icon Aesthetic System helps to improve skin texture by accelerating the body’s production of collagen and elastin, replacing the scar tissue with newer, smoother skin for a more revitalised complexion.

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