What Is Collagen and Why Is It Important For Healthy Skin?

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Collagen is a buzzword that is often used when discussing skin health – but what does it actually mean and what does it do? Below, we break down why collagen is important for a healthy, radiant complexion and how PicoSure treatments work to encourage increased collagen production to keep you looking and feeling your best.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein and is the most abundant protein found in the skin, making up approximately 80% of its composition. Found within the dermis layer, collagen is responsible for giving your skin its density, elasticity and plumpness that is associated with a healthy and youthful complexion. Collagen is also found throughout your body; in your muscles, bones, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and hair.

Whilst your body produces its own collagen, as you age this process begins to slowly decrease resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, dehydration and dryness, loss of density and decreased firmness. Certain lifestyle choices will also impact collagen production, such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, pollution, stress and an unhealthy diet.

As collagen plays such an essential role in influencing the appearance of your skin, it comes as no surprise that there are a number of methods, skincare products, treatments and supplements that promise to promote increased collagen production.

A youthful complexion is possible with PicoSure

The most effective way to boost collagen production, alleviate the signs of skin ageing and achieve a youthful complexion is with PicoSure skin rejuvenation treatments.

Harnessing FOCUS Lens Array technology, PicoSure treatments target damaged cells and encourage the body’s natural healing process, boosting the production of collagen and elastin for a smoother and more flawless complexion.

PicoSure’s skin rejuvenating treatments are non-invasive, require minimal downtime and have guaranteed results. With both FDA approval and a TGA listing, you can be assured that by choosing PicoSure you will receive safer, more efficient and pain-free results.

Find your local PicoSure provider on our website today and start your journey towards achieving beautiful, youthful skin.

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