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Why Elite iQ is the perfect laser hair removal system for your clinic

Cynosure Hair Removal

Elite iQ

Laser hair removal is likely a commonly desired treatment for many of your clinic’s patients, as the hassle of shaving and managing regrowth can be solved with a few long-lasting or even permanent hair removal procedures. Want to learn why Elite iQ by Cynosure is the only hair removal device that your clinic will ever need? Keep reading!

Remove unwanted hair and treat skin concerns with Elite iQ

With higher style, higher power, and higher iQ, the dual-wavelength Elite iQ should be the top choice for your clinic’s laser hair removal device. We have created a high-tech, multi-faceted device with the industry’s first built-in melanin reader. An advanced system, Elite iQ can not only effectively remove your patient’s unwanted hair, but it can also treat a variety of skin concerns, including facial veins, sun damage, and wrinkles. With a 79% average reduction in hair with just three treatments, give your patients the most outstanding treatment available with our exciting and unique new device.

A unique device with a patented melanin reader

No more guessing your patient’s skin type or the amount of recent sun exposure by sight – give your patients a precise assessment with our melanin reader technology. Elite iQ comes equipped with the Skintel Melanin Reader, the industry’s first built-in, FDA-cleared melanin reader. You can identify test spot settings and optimise your patient’s treatments by tailoring them to their individual skin type, lifestyle, and ethnicity. Fit with a laser that can be effective on all skin types and areas of the body; your clinic can become a place that delivers treatments with game-changing technology.

A versatile system that can treat multiple skin concerns

Get the best technology available for your patient’s most requested treatments in one intelligent, advanced device. As well as laser hair removal, you can offer a solution to common skin concerns such as facial and leg veins, wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, razor bumps, and psoriasis with a high-powered system. Not only will you save money by skipping the need to purchase multiple lasers, but you can potentially save time, as Elite iQ can perform efficiently and effectively.

Modern design for a simplified user experience

Work on a minimalistic, fast, modern, and easy-to-use device with a 34cm tilt and swivel touch screen, wraparound handle for easy manoeuvrability, a variety of light and ergonomic handpieces, a six-colour LED logo and back-lit handle, plus an internal drawer for storage. Elite iQ has everything that your clinic needs to perform fast and effective laser treatments!

Receive our ongoing support and partnership benefits

A true partner for your clinic, we want you to continue to grow and succeed. Partnering with Cynosure will get you ongoing professional support, including training courses and workshops, educational materials, events, 24/7 customer service, and personalised, on-site tech support. You will have access to our most comprehensive and advanced products, allowing you to offer more services and applications, expand your client base and keep up with evolving client needs in a cost-effective way. Access to our Cynosure Client Portal will enable you to personalise and download enhanced turnkey marketing materials, including advertising, PR, in-office marketing, before and after pictures, website assets, video files, and more. You can also contact your Product Marketing Specialist for dedicated marketing support and guidance when you need it.

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